Regeneration is a fundamental step to carry out everyday the concept of circularity.

PRAGMATRADE division carries on this fundamental process for sustainability, because it is able to give new life to the production waste for a new purpose

Through this phase, we produce PIR material:

  • PRAGMAPLEN : Material in granules with Polypropylene-based. Available in neutral, white, black.
  • PRAGMASTIR: Material in granules with polystyrene based. Available in neutral, white, black.
  • PRAGMAPET: Material in granules with PET-based. Available in neutral color.

We do this through the following processing steps:


We carefully choose the suitable materials for regeneration


Processing carried out with a specific grinder by our operators


Through a vertical mixer, we can process important quantities of material.


We supply materials in different kind of packaging, depending on the needs and requests of the customer.

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