Tecnopress Srl

Tecnopress Srl

Active since 1996, Tecnopress is a dynamic company that produces plastic trays mainly designed for the food industry.

The company policy is paid to designing and production of trays, which are produced considering the specific needs of customers to valorize their product on the market.

The products derived through the thermoforming process, working all the main materials to guarantee the optimal solutions to the costumers in relation to the specific characteristics of the product to be packaged;

  • Extend the shelf life of food
  • Reach a perfect balance between transparency and sturdiness of the tray
  • Possibility to heat/freeze food directly in the tray
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Tecnopress Srl

Sector: Thermoforming of food containers

Legal headquarters: Via Isaac Newton, 37 - 47025 - Mercato Saraceno (FC)
Tel: 0547.90158

Operational headquarters: Zona Ind.le Villa Zaccheo – 64020 Castellalto (TE)
P.IVA: 02675080408
Tel: +39 0861.296017

Mail: info@tecnopress.biz