Pragmagest Spa

Pragmagest Spa

Pragmagest deals with the production of rigid film monolayer and multilayer with barrier for thermoforming.

It was born in Mercato Saraceno in 1995 and in 2004 a new factory was built, destined to become the group's headquarters and to contain the new production division.

Currently the company got four extrusion lines , one of which is entirely dedicated to the production of monolayer and multilayer of PET, a choice made to meet the ecological needs of the moment, maintaining a low environmental impact.

Pragmagest division uses the most efficient and modern technologies available on the market for the extrusion of plastic laminates and can produce a wide range of rigid film mainly destinated for the food and pharmaceutical industry and for different kind of technical applications. The range includes monolayer and multilayer structures designed specifically to meet customer’s needs.

Pragmagest has always been very careful to research and development activities, considered strategic to compete in an increasingly selective market.

Will, Resources, skills; Pragmagest studies and designs new solutions for materials, shapes and performance. Behind this there is a team of highly skilled people, with the support of cutting-edge instrument in the laboratory, capable of personalizing and checking the main parameters of raw materials, films and thermoformed product.

“We are committed to meeting customer needs and delivering product innovations that meet market demands.”


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Pragmagest Spa

Sector; films for food industries since 1995

Legal and operational headquarters: Via Isaac Newton, 37 - 47025 - Mercato Saraceno (FC)
P.IVA: 02355490406
Tel: +39 0547.90158